Buyer “Concerns”

So I am a brand new sales agent, and as a part of my brand newness I have been enrolled in various training sessions. It’s great really, as a part of the Coldwell Banker franchise I get to participate in online courses which are often attended by agents from around the world. We get to share a ton of ideas and learn some really great skills to help us in the industry, but I think my favorite part is hearing real life while in practice stories from various countries worldwide.

One day as we were discussing “buyer concerns” a classmate of mine began recounting his most recent experience with this topic. He had encountered several buyers who insisted that their home meet certain tests, which were all relatively normal. That is until he told us about the ‘Naked Kitchen Test’. I said, “Pardon? The Naked Kitchen Test?” At this point I wasn’t entirely sure I had heard correctly. This class is administered online and for all I know there could have been an internet glitch and I had lost signal for a moment. Well I had not. Despite my sheer fear at the response I said, “What in the world is the Naked Kitchen Test?” Well, apparently his buyer needed a home where someone could get from the Master Bedroom into the Kitchen stark naked without being seen by anyone passing by, which surely makes you wonder what they’ve been getting up to in their current living space!

As I am sure you would have guessed this invoked an uproar in our class with such comments as “well I hope you didn’t have to be present for that test!” and the like, which all left us rolling in laughter. This really got me thinking about the outrageous “buyer concerns” that I may encounter on the job. Anyone who knows a Bermudian personally knows that we are pretty peculiar bunch when we’re ready. So people stay tuned! I may have something just as outrageous to report in the very near future…


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