Just a towel?

Continuing on the theme of “nakedness” I actually had my own near experience not too long ago. You see every Wednesday morning the Bermuda Realty Sales team goes on what we call “Property Tours”. It allows all the agents to preview every home that comes on the market so that we can gain some familiarity with the property in case we have to market it to any of our prospects.

So anyway, one faithful Property Tour Wednesday we were all making the usual rounds when we came upon a home that consisted of a 3 bedroom main house and a studio apartment. We viewed the main house with ease. It was quite nice actually, needed some upgrading but with the HGTV mentality that I have seen recently it was a project that most buyers would love to undertake. But I digress… Next up to view was the lower studio apartment, and that’s when it happened… We walked in and there he was, an attractive young gentleman in nothing but a skimpy towel. “I’m so sorry ladies!” He exclaimed.. “You caught me at a bad time!” Now I have to interject here to say that I am the youngest sales representative on my team and even I was floored at the response of my female colleagues.  Their collective reply was, “Oh no we didn’t.”

Basically, I could have died. The young man was a good sport and laughed it off and retired to get dressed but I could not stop laughing for pretty much the entire day. Partly at the fact that had we walked in 2 seconds earlier I may have had a more PG13 scene to report but mainly at the response of my coworkers. It was definitely a hilarious start to my day and all I could say to myself was ‘welcome to the unpredictable life of real estate’.


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