High Heels? Perhaps Not

Anyone that knows me well is fully aware that I am not the most graceful person in the world. Ok, that’s putting it lightly, basically I am clumsy. I can sashay myself across a runway at any given time and look great doing so but its a toss up whether or not I will make it down and back without falling. This however does not stop me from wearing high heeled shoes. I mean, what can I say? I’m a girly girl and I love them. So the day I decided to wear them on a property showing was not out of the ordinary. Even if this house was a fixer upper and in desperate need of landscaping.

Everything was going as planned. I showed the inside of home without incident, even though the ground had no sort of floor covering, was littered with dust and debris and let’s not forget, I was in high heels. However, like I said, there was no issue. It wasn’t until I stepped out onto the lawn, which if you remember from a couple lines up was in desperate need of landscaping. I had my speech ready. I was fully prepared to describe the vast size of the lot, the entertaining potential and the privacy offered by the mature trees. That is until I tripped and fell into a ditch…

I’m sure you can imagine my horror. I’m new to the industry so of course I had never met these potential purchasers before. I was trying real hard to make an impression. A positive one! But as life would have it I ended up in a ditch. “Are you ok?!” The prospects proclaimed. “Uh… (as I’m wiping the dirt from my skirt and picking grass off my knees) …I’m fine. Let’s continue shall we?” Embarrassing right? Totally! But I did learn my lesson. No high heels at fixer upper listings with landscaping issues.


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