New Listing!

Yes folks! I have a brand new listing! Being new to the industry getting a listing is a lot like Christmas morning. Actually times that feeling by 5, and that is how I am feeling right now. Especially since it is a really nice listing. It’s a condo, and I can practically hear your thoughts as you read that. “A condo? Who wants one of those?” (It is amazing how many times I hear that). Well I’ll tell you who wants a condo. Basically anyone like me.

If you’re young and trying to live your life then a condo is just what you need. Do you know what happens to home owners when there is a hurricane? They run around like those people you saw boarding up their windows for Hurricane Leslie. Do you know what a condo owner does? Opens their shutters and/or windows at the end of the storm and goes about their daily business. Why? Because cleaning up the yard, dealing with a patchy roof and replacing that hedge that uprooted itself and blew clear across the lawn is someone elses concern not theirs. That’s why they pay condo fees! Its fabulous! Cutting the grass? Someone elses concern. Painting the exterior so your place is always looking spiffy? Someone elses concern too! Ah-mazing. It is a little like renting except the home is yours and you can totally sell it! Now don’t get me wrong, owning a family home is great and I have seen some truly amazing ones on the market, but there is definitely work involved and if you are at a stage in your life like I am those sorts of chores are not on your agenda. I mean let’s be honest, we’re far too busy socializing and building our careers.

Ok. So I have definitely drifted entirely off topic, and I still have so much more to say! I’m thinking that I will have to revisit this topic with a proper post where I can list the pros and cons of owning a condo. I think you may all be pleasantly surprised. Does that sound like a plan? I think so. Now back to the actual reason for this blog entry – my new listing! Marketing begins in T-14 days. Set your watches! This condo won’t disappoint.


2 thoughts on “New Listing!

  1. Hmmm I wanted a condo/townhouse but as I get older a house is becoming more appealing!!! Anyway, are you going to be posting pics of your listing? Inside and out? You are? Great Thanks hahahha


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