Mommy & Me

There are certain things that you do not expect to find at a property you were told would be unoccupied when you arrive. People are one. The second, at least in my experience, is a goat. A pregnant goat at that. Well as my life would have it that is exactly what I found at a property I was asked to preview. I actually heard the goat first and was a little concerned until I saw that it was an animal making those noises. You can only imagine what crossed my mind first… But anyway, when I saw the goat, and realized that it was in fact friendly, I was pretty chuffed. I jokinly named him Hector and went about my business.

Now remember I said this goat was pregnant? Well yes she was. When I was told she was pregnant my first thought was ‘Wow how cool!’ My second was ‘Embarrassed how did I not notice she was a girl goat and in fact pregnant.’ And the third? Well that’s when reality kicked in. It was at that point that I began having visions of this poor goat, I now had to rename Hilda, going into labor while in the middle of a showing. I was mortified at the thought. Why? Because that is exactly the sort of random thing that would happen in MY life. So for one month I was on edge. Every time I would show the property I would walk out onto the back lawn and cringe until I saw that Hilda was happily eating her daily meal still with child. There was always that inner sigh of relief.

Well there was that one day where I was showing the property and the potential purchaser, obviously surprised, said “Oh there’s a goat!” To which I responded “Oh that’s just Hilda. She’s pre…. a new mom!” I could see from the window that there was definitely a small Hilda mini-me tucked under her. I almost left the purchasers in the house and ran. I controlled the urge. I continued with the showing, all the while distracted at the thought that there was a baby goat on the property. When it was over I hurriedly thanked the potential purchasers and ran, yes ran and at top speed too, to the back yard to meet Hilda’s offspring.

At first I thought it was only one. Then I saw another, and another! There were 3 goat babies! Excitement! I was probably little too excited. I ended up taking an embarassing amount of pictures and showing them to everyone I came in contact with as if they were my children. So thus began my adoption of this entire goat family. In my mind though because obviously they belonged to someone else, but I was content. Not just at the fact that I had claimed these adorable goat babies but also at the fact that Hilda had graciously given birth in the absense of any prospects. Thanks Hilda.


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