Sure Signs

Now that I have been in the industry for 5 months (almost 6!) I am starting to notice certain changes in my life and I am 100% sure these changes are due to the fact that I am a full-time real estate agent. There really is no other explanation.

The most glaringly obvious change was with regard to my car. And no, I am not talking about the fact that I now have to fill up my gas tank far more often, even though that is a definite change. I am actually referring to the contents of my car. Last weekend it was about that time, the time for me to clean out Sheila. Ok I’m joking I totally do not call my car Sheila, that just came out. Anyway! So I’m cleaning my car and I was shocked at what I was pulling out of it. Once upon a time all you could find in my car was multiple pairs of shoes. This time I found myself sifting through reams of data sheets, bundles of business cards and SIGNS. Yes, signs, as in the big ‘FOR SALE’ Coldwell Banker signs. I’m like really? Then it struck me, literally because said ‘FOR SALE’ sign fell out and hit me, “I am definitely a real estate agent.”

Second change is in regard to my mind, and no I am not going crazy…. well yet anyway. What I mean is my thought process has changed. Or more so how I view certain things, particularly houses. Every time I walk into a new house I instantly start pricing it in my mind. I compare it to homes I have seen, homes that I know have sold and I literally starting throwing out realistic list and sale prices. It’s a little annoying because I honestly can’t even stop myself. And it gets worse. Some may say, ok so you price the house in your mind, that’s not so bad. Well I don’t stop there. I actually then sell the house (in my mind). On a few occasions I have caught people, who also happen to be at this new house, staring at me and I am sure they are wondering, ‘why on earth that girl is talking to herself?’. Well the answer is I am going through marketing strategies, fielding calls and conducting showings… all in my mind.

Now the last change, in a way, relates to my car situation. Has anyone ever seen that Zyrtec commercial where they talk about people stashing tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts? Well that’s me… But with business cards. It’s a little embarrassing how I often find myself trying to find some way to shove a huge stack of business cards into the tiniest little clutch. Why do I do this you ask? Because you never know who you may meet! I have to admit, one day I was caught slipping, and it was totally embarrassing. I was like, “I’m sorry Sir, I don’t have any business cards on me but you can reach me on….” He never called. Now I stash.

So there you have it, a few sure signs I think clearly indicate that I have crossed over into the land of real estate, and I am positive that there will be more as the months progress. I can only imagine what will pop up next.


2 thoughts on “Sure Signs

  1. I can definitely agree that once you find your career, it transforms your life tremendously! I am glad you have found something that makes you happy cuzzy 🙂

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