Cardboard Box Showdown

November 1st marks the launch date of the 10th Annual Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty Toys for Tots Christmas Campaign! We have been gearing up for this event for a few weeks now and we are ALMOST there. Now I wasn’t going to share our initiative with the social media world until the launch date. The plan was to post a lovely picture of our poster and introduce it formally, but this is my life and anyone who knows me well knows that things in my life never go as planned.

I’m actually a new member of the campaign team, which is probably obvious since I joined Coldwell Banker in April. In true Cratonia fashion the campaign hasn’t even been launched yet and I already have a story. But before I get to that, let me first share some of the context: The whole aim of the Toys for Toys campaign is to ensure every child on the island, even those who are less fortunate, receives a NEW toy for Christmas. All it took was the words Christmas and kids and I was sold. There are only a few toy stores on the island but all are on board with this initiative. They allow us to place large boxes right in their store (wrapped in festive wrapping paper of course!) so that after a gift is purchased for the campaign it can be placed directly into this box for collection by the Toys for Tots elves (of which I am one!) Convenient right? So anywoo we are now feverishly in the process of collecting these large boxes, which are due to be in stores before November 1st, and here is where my story begins…

Yesterday afternoon I was driving through town, in 5 o’clock rush hour traffic no less, and through my side eye I peeped what seemed like thousands of LARGE cardboard boxes out to the road for trash collection. I immediately thought SCORE and pulled over to collect a few. While standing next to my treasure find I pull out my phone and call another one of the Toys for Tots elves and I say “I hit the jackpot!” I then start explaining to her exactly where I am whilst grabbing a few boxes in hand to whisk away to my vehicle. Wouldn’t you know out of nowhere this man appeared and started grabbing my box. So while still on the phone I say, “Hey! That’s my box!” At that the elf on the other line says, “Is someone trying to take your box?!” So I said “YES!” I then turned my conversation back to the gentleman, who still had a tight grip on my cardboard box. I knew then that I had to switch up my approach. I quickly hung up the phone and then politely said, “Sir, I have claimed this box, can you let go of it please?” The whole while I’m thinking, ‘really?!’ He didn’t agree or say much of anything, just held on tightly. I thought, ‘oh my goodness am I really going to wrestle this gentleman for a box? Surely it doesn’t have to come to that.’ We began to stare each other down… I thought, ‘be firm Cratonia be firm!’ There were literally tons of boxes. Why he had fixated on the one that I had in my hand was beyond me. So the stare down continued. Finally he said, “Well if you’re going to take it let me help you get it in your car“. Whew! Sigh of relief!

I’m not sure what would have happened had this gentleman not conceded to giving me the box. I guess I would have had to surrender and pick myself out a new box because wrestling over cardboard on the side of a main road really wasn’t on my agenda and totally wouldn’t have been a good look. So thank goodness it did not come to that. I was able to happily drive off with my bounty in tow… all in the name of charity.


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