Photo Conundrum

For those of you that do not know, in 2011 I competed in the Miss Bermuda Pageant. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had, let me tell you, and no I am not just saying that. One of the most exciting parts was getting all dolled up for appearances and photo shoots. We all know I am a girly girl so yes, I was most definitely in my glory. What is also great about all those photo shoots is the fact that I ended up with a ton of gorgeous pictures! I’m really quite proud of some. I look at them and think, is that me?! Well anywoo… how does all of that tie into real estate do you ask? Well I’ll tell you…

When I started in the real estate world it was early April. However, the photos for my cards, press releases and the like were taken in March on what must have been the coldest day EVER… And of course as luck would have it the photographer wanted to do the shoot outside. Just great. It was bad enough that I had to remove my jacket (I was wearing this cute little short-sleeved dress), so taking off the bright red scarf I also had wrapped around my neck wasn’t even an option that crossed my mind. That is where the photo conundrum, as this post is entitled, started.

The photo came out and all I got in response from my Mother and Father was grief. “Well why didn’t you take that scarf off?“. “Now it always looks like winter when you’re handing out your cards!” “I really do not like this picture!” etc etc etc. It was endless. Every time I passed out a card or forwarded on a flyer of some sort the questions and complaints began. Until one day my Mother thought she had the most marvelous plan. She said, and very seriously I might add, “well why don’t you use one of the pictures you took for the Miss Bermuda Pageant?“. Now this was a Pageant people. So in all my pictures I am heavily made up AND (worse still) sporting a bikini! So when my mother made this totally random and terrible suggestion I realized that it was definitely time to request a new photograph. Clearly my Mother had become desperate. And so here we are in 2013 and I have a brand new photo for print ads, press releases and the like and BRAND NEW cards. My Mother is well pleased. 

Offending photo can be seen below (on the left) new photo (on the right).

Please note: I did consider posting the photograph from my pageant days that my Mother suggested I use but quickly decided that may have been inappropriate considering this is a professional blog!

Cratonia12_smallCratonia13_small (2)


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