The Importance of Becoming an Authority

I really enjoy working with my colleagues. Not only are they down right hilarious, but they are extremely helpful as well. There is definitely a “team effort” view of success that I find very refreshing. Anywoo…  that was my preamble statement to this next post. Disclaimer! I didn’t actually write this post. I just received it from my co-worker Jack Kripl, which is why I said the things that I said because they all do this sort of thing. Not sure if he found the article somewhere and decided to share or if it’s his own work but it is definitely worth a read. For any industry professional.

Becoming an authority in your industry can be a great way to promote your business and help you better serve your clients. It takes a consistent dose of education and risk, but the rewards can be well worth the effort.

Why? Becoming a go-to person for industry leadership should incentivize potential clients to seek out your wealth of knowledge. The bottom line is that authority can lead to profitability.

Here are seven steps that can allow anyone to develop a reputation as an industry leader:

1. Think like a leader. For entrepreneurs, this might go without saying, but your life and business will change the moment you begin to think like a leader. Leaders aren’t focused on trying to maintain the status quo. They’re focused on doing what must be done to ensure growth and profitability in the future, which is not an easy road to take.

2. Innovate. New things get noticed. This means you can’t be afraid to present something new to your market, even if it’s just a variation or an addition to an already-existing product or service. Simply innovating doesn’t guarantee success, but you’ll learn far more from the risks you take than by maintaining the status quo.

3. Keep the lines of communication open. Your clients are critical to your business. Don’t lose touch with who they are and why they’ve chosen to do business with you. That means call or send a friendly email every couple weeks to stay in contact. This also means you keep up with key employees who interact with your clients on a day-to-day basis. The moment you lose touch with your market, you’re done.

4. Publicly address industry changes. Every industry has changes that affect the way business is done. Strive to address these changes through an online platform such as a company blog. Detail your opinion, along with tangible ways to make the most of it. This can allow you to be seen as an industry leader and potentially increase traffic to your site as people begin to search out information and answers about these changes.

5. Respect your time. Being an authority doesn’t mean you must solve everyone’s problems. Your main responsibility is to continue growing, innovating and sharing your knowledge. Don’t allow people to suck up all your time with their questions or problems. Learn to say “no” more often. Yes, you want to assist people, but not at the expense of losing your edge or slowing down your innovation.

6. Develop your intuition. The most successful leaders I know have learned to “trust their gut.” But this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice to learn when it’s your gut talking or when it’s just fear or pride. Your business life requires you to make difficult decision and sacrifices. Just remember that your intuition should get a vote, too. It’s not always about numbers and statistics.

7. Keep learning. Industry leaders are students of their craft. Study the great success and failures of your industry. Also learn from people outside of your industry to see which principles are transferable to what you’re doing. I know the phrase “never stop learning” is nothing new, but are you really practicing it?

New Listing! (cont.) – Shelly Hall

Here we are people! Pictures have been taken and description has been written! I think this condo is GREAT and it is priced to sell at $549,000. It is located in the Shelly Hall Development in Hamilton Parish and is one of the newer units so it is in tip top shape. It is very spacious, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and tons of storage…

“What do you want in a home? Is it rooms that are spacious and full of natural light? Is it a living area that is open and inviting, yet can feel cozy and intimate at just the right moment? Or perhaps it is a master suite that provides you with an escape from the outside world? If that is what you are looking for, then this Shelly Hall unit is for you!

Fit for entertaining and overflowing with charm this home has so much to offer that it is sure not to disappoint. The kitchen, with its maple cabinetry and solid surface countertops, is in excellent condition and overlooks the large living and dining area leading to a covered porch. What can be more perfect than outside dining or lounging on those warm summer nights?

The spacious master bedroom is nothing short of an oasis. Overlooking the beautifully maintained garden, this space can be your own personal retreat as it also features a magnificent ensuite bath.

With an additional bedroom, laundry room, generous storage facilities and fabulous amenities offered through the Shelly Hall development, what more can you ask for? All this home needs is you!”

The Revival

Now it is no secret that the real estate market is down. It isn’t doing nearly as well as it once was, which is why I get looks of complete and absolute horror when people realize I left a career in law to pursue a career in real estate. But to dispel the common misconception, the real estate market is down, yes, but it’s not out. Why? Because the real estate market is always good for someone,  and now that someone just happens to be buyers.

I learned that great a useful little nugget of reality from Nikki and Chris Buckelew, who attended Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty last week Thursday and Friday. It was called ‘Training’ but really I would rather call the two morning sessions we spent together The Revival. It is very easy to get discouraged in a real estate market that is experiencing difficulty. However, I learned from Nikki that discouragement leads to laziness which then leads to less productivity (naturally), which ultimately leads to less success. And who wants that? Certainly not I!

So if there is anyone out there still trucking in the real estate game then I say, good on you! Because guess what? All those people who have jumped ship because the industry is down has made our slice of the pie that much bigger! And we all know the industry will turn around. Plus, like I said at the beginning, the real estate market is always good for someone. So get out and find yourself some buyers! Let them know that THIS is the time to buy. Not next week, not next month and certainly not next year but NOW! Stay revived my fellow agents. There’s still success to be had. Don’t believe me? You better call up Nikki Buckelew, she’ll tell you.

From Law to Real Estate

Cue the gasps and cries of confusion. Trust me you aren’t thinking anything I haven’t heard. Such as… “Why in the world would you leave a career in law to become a real estate agent?” “Career change. In a recession? Are you crazy?” I’ve heard it all. Oh let’s not forget, “How do your parents feel about you wasting their money to send you to law school?” That one is probably my favorite…

Well anyway, the answer is simple. Passion. Passion for people. Passion for creativity. Passion for land and beautiful homes. Passion for a challenge.

I took the daring plunge into a full-time career in real estate on April 2, 2012. Let the journey begin!