The Revival

Now it is no secret that the real estate market is down. It isn’t doing nearly as well as it once was, which is why I get looks of complete and absolute horror when people realize I left a career in law to pursue a career in real estate. But to dispel the common misconception, the real estate market is down, yes, but it’s not out. Why? Because the real estate market is always good for someone,  and now that someone just happens to be buyers.

I learned that great a useful little nugget of reality from Nikki and Chris Buckelew, who attended Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty last week Thursday and Friday. It was called ‘Training’ but really I would rather call the two morning sessions we spent together The Revival. It is very easy to get discouraged in a real estate market that is experiencing difficulty. However, I learned from Nikki that discouragement leads to laziness which then leads to less productivity (naturally), which ultimately leads to less success. And who wants that? Certainly not I!

So if there is anyone out there still trucking in the real estate game then I say, good on you! Because guess what? All those people who have jumped ship because the industry is down has made our slice of the pie that much bigger! And we all know the industry will turn around. Plus, like I said at the beginning, the real estate market is always good for someone. So get out and find yourself some buyers! Let them know that THIS is the time to buy. Not next week, not next month and certainly not next year but NOW! Stay revived my fellow agents. There’s still success to be had. Don’t believe me? You better call up Nikki Buckelew, she’ll tell you.